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Do you want to give the impression to your (potential) customers in the limited time? 60 secs of the trailer make that possible with the full messages about your product, service and company. That is the beauty of the trailer. Our team members are working in the field of Movie, Documentary, Advertisement, Animation, TV Drama. Whoever your customers are, we can create the video solution for your marketing.
Me? Mainly worked as a TV Producer for 8 years, as a movie trailer editor for 4 years. Nice to know you. I am Ryan Son.

Main Skills

  • Listening the client’s problem
  • Planning the video as the solution
  • Directing & Filming
    - Trailer (Movie, Product & Company Promo, Docu)
  • Editing
    - Video Editing, Sound Design, HD Title & Copy Effect


Ryan delivered the project fast and was able to begin even with almost no instructions. He saved me a lot of time and work, Thanks you!

Erika Lee
Marketing team of Louis Vuitton Korea

Ryan did the job effectively and efficiently. He communicated well and consistently through out the time that we worked together. I highly recommend Ryan.

James Huh
CEO of Next Day Pictures

Ryan adhered to the timelines and budget and even provided us expertise to resolve other issues which were not directly part of the original scope of work.

Shawn Park
Church of Korea



Introduction video

Banila B
Banila B

Brand renewal

Binggrae Samanco thumbnail
Binggrae Samanco Case Film

Facebook Campaign case film

Dmajor thumbnail

Company Promotion Video

스크린샷 2013-07-27 오전 10.48.45
Making of the Freedom City Bike

Reebok Classic

스크린샷 2013-05-21 오전 4.55.58
Wedding for Ji Won Seo

On May 1, 2013

스크린샷 2013-01-07 오전 2.37.28
Wedding Story

Wedding story & a letter to dad from bride

Main Title of Wedding Slider
Wedding Slider

Taiwan Wedding Photo Slider

Batman trailer_00000
BATMAN Figure Trailer

ENTERBAY International Ltd (Hong Kong)

Joker trailer_00000
JOKER Figure Trailer

ENTERBAY International Ltd (Hong Kong)

Louis Vuitton_00000
How We Act Training Trailer


ReJesus trailer_00334
Give Your Burden to the LORD

ReJesus Project, Love of Church (Korea)

Wedding Trailer_00334
Wedding Promo Trailer

Love Fortune company (Korea)

Japan Earthquake_03409
1 year after the Japan Earthquake

SBS Special Documentary (Korea)

Into the fire_00713
71 Into the Fire (2010) Promo Trailer

Taewon Entertainment (Korea)

Path of Buddha_01307
The Path to the Buddha Docu Trailer

Won Buddhism Headquarter (Korea)



  • Email: ryan.sbc@gmail.com
  • Phone: +82 10 2632 3044
  • Skype: ryan.fooksan


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